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          SE3900  Green-mode Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller. 咨詢此產品

        The SE3900 is a green-mode Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller. It is specifically designed for low power applications such as 5W-20W Adaptors and Off-line battery Chargers. In these typical applications, the low standby power, space saving, and low cost are all required. SE3900 is a perfect solution to meet these challenges. The typical standby power is only 0.13Watt.

        In normal operation, the SE3900 switches on and off at a fixed switching frequency of about 60 kHz. With a current limit capability of about 420mA, the SE3900 can directly drive the emitter of a high voltage NPN transistor. When the output power falls below a given level, the IC enters skip cycle mode to reduce power consumption.

        The SE3900 also features Under-Voltage Lockout , Over-Temperature Protection, Over-Current and Short Circuit  Protections.

        The SE3900 is available in TO-92 Packages.